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Jennifer Lopez Opens Up About a New Song on ‘This Is Me … Now’ & Its Special Symbolism.

The track, titled "Hummingbird," also served as inspiration for Lopez's Christmas celebrations.

In 2023, Jennifer Lopez's new era will take flight with the release of her new album, This Is Me … Now. And in her latest newsletter, the 53-year-old singer-actress opened up about one of the songs she wrote for the set, and revealed how it inspired her and husband Ben Affleck’s blended-family Christmas celebrations.

“I wrote a song called ‘Hummingbird’ for my new album. To me, hummingbirds are messengers of love,” Lopez explained in her On The JLo newsletter. “They’re very agile — can fly forward, backward, and up and down. They’re also the fastest bird but they always have time to stop, eat something sweet and smell the roses.”

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