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Dior Is Debuting a Collab With Tremaine Emory in Egypt.

Tremaine Emory will guest design a capsule collection for Dior ahead of its fall 2023 men’s collection, which will be shown in Cairo on Dec. 3. The Supreme creative director and Denim Tears founder teamed up with Dior Men’s artistic director Kim Jones on a co-designed capsule that will be presented during an event at the Grand Egyptian Museum, located near the Pyramids of Giza, which will be unveiled on Friday. The sartorial offering will be the among the first items to be displayed at the Heneghan Peng Architects-designed museum, which will house artefacts including the complete Tutankhamun collection when it opens in 2023.

Dubbed “Dior Tears,” the collection will serve as a sartorial homage to Black artists and creatives such as writer James Baldwin and jazz trumpeter Miles Davis, who, despite segregation in the US, were celebrated in Europe in the ’50s. While not much has been revealed about what we can expect the collection to look like, we wouldn’t be surprised to see saddle bags and jackets adorned with Emory’s iconic cotton wreath motif. 

The offering is Jones’ latest crossover of luxury and streetwear— the British designer has unveiled collaborations with Travis Scott, Daniel Arsham, and Sacai, to name a few. Or in Dior’s own words as per a released statement, “This line celebrates the inventiveness of the house of Dior and the strength of its creative dialogues.”

Emory follows in the footsteps of ERL designer Eli Russell Linnetz, who previously teamed up with Jones on a capsule collection presented in Los Angeles recently. 

The designer, who has worked with Virgil Ablohand Ye in the past, is no stranger to collaborations. After founding his brand Denim Tears in 2019, he went on to partner up with Ugg and Levi’s.

Dior Tears will no doubt set the tone for the menswear show on Saturday, which will be attended by the likes of Mena Massoud and Robert Pattinson, among others.

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