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New Song Alert: "This Days" by Mackie feat. Cassidy, Skales & Ahmed Makki Out Now!

Mackie Entertainment is an internationally acclaimed celebrity booking agency that has been making waves in the vibrant music industry of the UAE and the Middle East region. Over the years, the agency has gained recognition for its exceptional ability to collaborate with numerous world-renowned music superstars and DJs, thus cementing its position as a leading player in the music industry.


In a significant move that marks a new chapter in the label’s growth trajectory, Mackie Entertainment has expanded its operations from a music agency to a full-time record label. This decision aligns perfectly with the label’s commitment to nurturing and promoting musical talent in the industry. The record label aims to offer aspiring artists a platform to showcase their skills, with a focus on nurturing talent and producing high-quality music.


The single "This Days" is a true masterpiece, featuring an extraordinary blend of talented and famous musicians from different parts of the world. The star-studded lineup includes the legendary American rapper "Cassidy," alongside the superstar Nigerian afrobeats artist "Skales," and “Ahmed Makki," a prominent artist from Sudan. The song is a musical masterpiece that highlights a wide range of musical styles and languages, including American hip-hop English, Nigerian pidgin English, British English, and Arabic. The song is a true testament to the label’s commitment to producing high-quality music that transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries.


The song’s concept revolves around the beauty of life, normal life upgrades, and the importance of keeping a positive mindset and energy, regardless of the situation. The song lyrics are designed to uplift and inspire listeners, with a message that resonates across borders and cultures.

Mackie Entertainment is committed to providing its fans with long-lasting and high-quality entertainment such as new songs, music video releases, and events. The record label plans to release more official songs and collaborate with more talented musicians from around the world. The CEO of Mackie Entertainment, Makki Altag Makki, is set to keep supporting the record label’s idea of putting out good music, not just music alone but including upcoming events, concerts, shows, and more.


The song "This Days" is now available for streaming on all major platforms, so make sure to check it out and experience the unique blend of musical styles and languages.


 Stream, Watch and Enjoy This Days by Mackie feat. Cassidy, Skales & Ahmed Makki on all streaming platforms below

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